What is the difference between a household hair removal device and the one in a beauty salon ?

Core technologies are different

The hair removal equipment used in beauty salons mostly uses lasers, while the technology used in household hair removal instruments is mostly pulsed light. Although the principle of hair removal is the same, the safety, effect and use are very different.

Device Power is different

The laser energy intensity in beauty salon is large, and the hair removal effect is good, but the irritation is large, and the pain is strong, when the hair is removed. It is easy to burn the skin and form erythema or blisters when the operation is improper; The pulse light energy of the household hair removal device is low, especially the new IPL technology, which truly achieves painless hair removal and is safer and more efficient than the ordinary laser hair removal device.

Hair removal frequency is different

Hair removal requires a certain course of treatment, the laser energy is large, and the damage to the skin is also large. If you go to the beauty salon to do laser hair removal, you are generally advised to do it once every few months. It takes about half a year to complete the hair removal treatment, and the frequency is low and long; The household hair removal device has low energy and little effect on the skin. It is relatively convenient to operate at home. It is usually once a week. It can get obvious curative effect in about 2 months, and the frequency is high and the cycle is short.

The device size is different

  1. The beauty salon hair removal device is quite large.
  2. Household hair removal device is quite smalland portable

The price is different

  1. Beauty salon hair removal equipment is much more expensive.
  2. Household hair removal devices are limited in number and prices are cheaper.
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