Super-fine IPL laser hair removal instrument tutorial

In the showing long legs’ season, how do you become the most sexy girl in this street to accost handsome young boys easily?
Today, we’ll share the official, authentic and practical spring and summer beauty methods for the hot girls – super fine hair removal method

Product: IPL laser hair removal instrument

Full body available (including face, private parts)
Permanent hair removal
Normal use will not cause harm to the human body.
There are 2 modes and 5 grades, which can be freely selected.

❤Tips: The hair removal kit comes with: shaving gel, goggles, razor, aloe vera gel.


To get rid of the fur, there are 7 steps in total:

Step 1: Clean the hair-removal area
Step 2:Apply shaving gel
Step 3: Shave the hair and gel with a razor
Step 4: Wipe the shaved area clean
Step 5: Put on the goggles
Step 6: Use the hair removal device to illuminate the area where hair removal is required. Flash once in each area.
Step 7: After the irradiation, apply aloe vera gel skin care.


  1. Be sure to shave with a razor, not a hair removal cream.
  2. Some girls’ skin is allergic. After removing the hair, the skin is red. After shaving for about 30 minutes, the skin is completely recovered and then irradiated with a hair removal device.

Hair removal time cycle

For personal reasons and other else, hair removal takes 5-8 times to completely remove the hair.
After each hair removal, wait for around 2-3 days, the hair that has not been removed is completely grown, and the hair removal is repeated once.
When repeating hair removal, strictly follow the 7-step procedure.
Generally, hair removal takes about 2 months, and it takes about 3-5 months for stubborn hair. The product is good for repeated use.
Generally, after 3-4 weeks, hair growth will be controlled. The hair removal frequency can be gradually reduced to 1 week. Then stick to it until all the hair is completely removed and permanently removed.


  1. Different people have different physiques and hair growth conditions. So choose your most suitable modeand grade of the hair removal device
  2. Use grade 2-3 at the beginning, and if the hair growth is not stopped after 2 weeks of use, upgrade to 4-5.
  3. The hair was removed once every 2 days, and if the hair growth was not inhibited for 2 weeks, it was upgraded once every other day.

Mode choice

Generally small areas of soft fluff, you can choose manual mode, step by step operation;
Large area of rough hair area, it is recommended to choose automatic mode


Plug the plug into the socket and press and hold the power button (round key) to turn it on.
Press the left button to adjust the grade.
Press the right button to select manual mode (s is manual mode, sssss is automatic mode) | or automatic mode.
Put on sunglasses and point the hair removal device to the skin without leaving a gap.
In manual mode, the lamp cap is 90 degrees to the skin, leaving no gaps. Press the power button and the hair removal device will flash white light.
In the automatic mode, the lamp head is 90 degrees aligned with the skin without leaving a gap and will automatically flash.
Complete an area illumination and move the lamp head to the next area.
All completed, then shutdown.

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