The RF face lifting beauty device is designed to offer you a simple and easy solution to aging. As the machine takes on skin lifting, tightening, and wrinkling removal.

● Safe & Reliable: Colormax is offering you an RF face lifting beauty device that ensures a safe and reliable skin tightening solution. The device comes packed with top of the line bipolar RF technology, and an intelligent temperature controlling chip. Making sure your skin is completely safe and protected from heat impact. Only taking on a higher temperature rate when it comes in contact with dermis skin.
● Pain Free Procedure: A non-surgical procedure that helps remove wrinkles, and other aging signs on your skin. Goyze has designed a removing treatment that sends in deep RF waves that penetrate your skin tissue, healing the damaged skin by stimulating collagen and elastin in the process. Naturally repairing your skin from the inside out.
● Long Lasting: The RF face lifting beauty device triggers a natural healing process, offering you up to 2 years of glowing and youthful skin. Making sure you are able to keep up with a natural working system. A great advantage that lasts longer than any artificial treatment available today.
● Visible Results: The device shows exceptional results on women ranging from 25 to 70 years of age. Offering 68.3 percent of women visible results in under a month, and 22.8 perfect women visible results in under two months. The range depends on the extent of damage your skin carries, the deeper the damage the longer it takes.
● Professional Grade: Why spend thousands of dollars on skincare products and treatments when you can make an investment. Colormax is offering you a reliable RF face lifting beauty device that comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee, and a 1-year warranty. So you can easily enjoy a quality treatment at the comfort of your home.

1.How many times should I use this device?

A: For skin with good condition, we recommend you use it once a week.For aging skin, we recommend twice a week.(NEVER OVERUSE IT BECAUSE OUR SKIN NEEDS TIME TO REPAIR AND STIMULATE COLLAGEN PRODUCTION. If we break the circle, we may not receive any result).

2.What is the recommended duration for using this device on different area ?

A:5-8 minutes for face. 8-12 minutes for whole arm (Both left and right one). 10-15 minutes for chest and abdomen area.

3. Why I can not feel the heat?

A: ①Please make sure you apply the conductive gel before the treatment. If you do not apply the conductive gel, the device will not work well.

② This device transmits RF energy to dermis skin,which will lead to our dermis temperature rising up to 131℉-149 ℉, while our surface skin temperature will be heated only 100.4℉-113℉. If our skin is not sensitive to temperature,we may feel warm.

4. Sometimes I feel very hot, sometimes I cannot even feel any heat, Why?

A: Our device has a built-in self-protecting system which is safer than others. When it detects that your dermis skin temperature is higher than 149 ℉ (65℃), it will automatically reduce energy delivered to your dermis. This is to protect your skin from burning.

5. How long will it take to see results?

A:It varies. Some customers report that they can feel their facial skin become softer on the next day. Most customers, however, will see visible result within 30 days.

6.Why the device cannot be turned on?

A: Please check power cord to see if the device is connected with power.Please check switch and whether the status is “on”.


1.More Safe And Comfortable


3.Results that can last up to 2 years.

4.Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid Stimulation.

5.Tighten and Tones Skin.

6.Soften Fine Lines.

7.Painless and Relaxing Treatment.

Lift the skin around your neck, chin and cheeks safely and comfortably with the latest innovative radio frequency (RF) technology.

Collagen in the tissue is heated and stimulated to create an immediate visible contraction and lifting effect, followed by remodeling with new and accelerated collagen production in the deeper layers over time.

Why Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening?

MLAY RF Radio Frequency device used new bipolar RF technology in non surgical skin tightening,.Collagen in the tissue is heated and stimulated to create an immediate visible contraction and lifting effect, followed by remodeling with new and accelerated collagen production in the deeper layers over time.

Radio Frequency is a Cosmetic treatment designed to tighten loose or sagging skin on the face, eyes, tummy, and even arms and legs, without an incision or recovery time.


1.Minors can not use the instrument.

2.Pregnant women and those in menstrual period must not use the instrument.

3.People with heart disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, skin cancer, thyroid and malignant tumor and those who are sensitive to electric current can not use the instrument.

4.People with infectious skin disease, burnt skin disease and anticoagulant disorder and those who have skin bleeding or skin allergies can not use the instrument.

5.People can not use the instrument on body area with surgical scars or inflammation.

6.People can not use the instrument on sensitive areas such as cornea and areas with skin disease and eczema.

7.If your skin is injected with botulinum or hyaluronic acid, you can only use the instrument three months after the injection.

8.People wearing hearing aids, pacemakers and heart machine can not use the machine.

9.People with electrical devices e.g., pacemakers, or metallic implants in the treatments area cannot undergo treatments.

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