Colormax home ipl hair removal kit is a permanent hair removal program that takes on different skin types and hair ratios, aiming to cut down on your overall hair growth by 89%. It’s efficient and effective working system ensures that you look presentable and gorgeous at all times. Showing off your natural beauty that will become hard to resist.

● Safe & Reliable: Running on an intense pulse light that has been clinically tested for the last 10 years. Bringing forward a safe and reliable technology that offers you endless benefits. In addition to hair removal, the system takes on acne clearance, big pores, wrinkles, and gloomy skin. Leaving you a completely refreshing experience.
● Pain Free Procedure: A non-surgical and pain-free process that comes with an easy to operate system. As you will be handling the device, you alone will be in charge of the pain threshold you determine. Making sure you get acquired results based on your skin type.
● Lasting Results: The home ipl hair removal system helps ensure lasting results in the weeks to come. This includes a reduction in overall hair growth, a reduction in aging signs, and a more glowing skin.
● Visible Results: The home ipl hair removal kit can easily offer you instant results for your lip hair, frontal hairline, beard, arm hair, armpit hair, chest hair, back hair, bikini area, and legs. Offering a complete body experience, that leaves you with a soft and refreshed skin.
● Professional Grade: Goyze hair removal system is crafted using top of the line technology and materials that ensure a professional touch. Making sure you are able to enjoy an effective and efficient hair removal process at any time, as the portable device can easily be packed in your luggage when traveling.

What is IPL at home permanent hair removal?

IPL is intense pulse light,it has been proven in clinical use for over 10 years as a safe and effective technology. Filters in the handpiece change the wavelength arrange allowing it is optimized for different applications and skin type.


IPL Beauty Permanent Hair Removal
Hair removal: Lip hair, armpit hair, body hair and legs, hair on places that affecting looks such as hair line on forehead and bikini area.
Skin rejuvenation: Flabby, gloomy and dim face with winkles and big pores.
Acne clearance: People with papula, impetigo, tuber, and cystic inflammatory acne.

Why choose IPL laser hair removal device?

Using laser technology to remove unwanted body hair is effective & delivers results quickly. In the past, you were required to visit a dermatologist’s clinic to have the procedure carried out since the equipment required were costly and called for specialized expertise.

Today however, there are DIY kits you can buy and use at home to remove hair just as effectively as you would at a professional’s clinic, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long term.

How to operate.

Step 1: Shave and clean the treated area;
Step 2: Wear the goggles to avoid the IPL light stimulating eyes;
Step 3: Choose suitable energy level ;
Step 4: Let the treatment window touch the treated areas vertically,and treat the areas by turns .don’t repeat and omit;
Step 5: Treat on the staring areas and repeat the step 4 for 2-3 times ;
Step 6: Apply anti-hair cream after treatment;
Step 7: Power off and use wet cotton swab to clean treatment window ;
Step 8: Put device and accessories into packing box and store in safe place.

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