A Colormax professional micro-needling pen system that ensures a portable solution for your aging skin. Taking on wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, sagging, and other signs pointing towards aging skin. The system is suitable for different skin types and offers versatile usage. Making sure you are able to bring your skin to a level that matches your expectations.

● Safe & Reliable: Running on an FDA and CE approval the professional micro-needling pen system ensures safe and reliable working. As it does not cause any permanent damage, complications, infections, discoloration, or any other complications.
● Pain Free Procedure: The professional micro-needling pen system comes with a painless and automatic feature, offering you easy beauty at home. Its nanochip helps create a deep absorption rate that goes beyond the first two layers. Creating a tough yet completely natural healing process that ensures exceptional results.
● Lasting Results: As the professional micro-needling pen system works on a deeper level is it able to achieve a long-lasting result. Offering you glowing, youthful, and gorgeous skin for months to come. Great result progress that is all achieved using a natural repair system your skin carries around.
● Visible Results: The pen comes with 12 different replacement needle cartridges, so you can take on different areas of your skin. Leaving you with a rejuvenated and refreshed skin that can be achieved from the comfort of your home. Moreover, every skin is different can some skins can take longer to show visible differences than others.
● Professional Grade: Colormax offers a top of the line professional pen that comes with a check warranty. So you can try and text the professional pen before adding it to your skincare routine.

Dr pen Professional Ultima Derma Pen,Nano Microneedling Pen,Rechargeable Skin Care Tools Beauty System Makeup Pen with 12pcs Set of Replacement Needle Cartidge.

W H Y . T O . B U Y

Improve skin problems

It is a Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment which is widely used for skin rejuvenation, enhancement of skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, stimulation of Hair growth,whitening and administration of active ingredients.

Promote nutrient absorption

This device helps cosmetics to be penetrated and absorbed with stimulating the skin. It is an electronic, automated micro needle, with guide that adjusts needle depth.

Safe & easy to use

It is hygienic,convenient,easy to use,and also safe to use since the needle tips are hidden inside the guide. Needle tips are disposable. It is safe to share hand piece with other patient.It is economical, you just need to replace the needle tips afer every treatment.


vertically touch the skin to opens temporary channels in most superficial layer of skin to promote the body’s natural healing process that produces new skin cells to replace aged or damaged skin,allow for greater absorption of skin care products to enhance stimulation of collagen and elastin growth.

Cartridges Socket

Fit M5 bayonet slot type cartridges

Length Control Knob

The Derma Pen M5 of depth can be adjusted freely.

Indicator and Switch Light

5 Level Speed. Move up and down 6500 times per minutes at least.

You will get 12pcs set of Replacement needle cartidges( pins) for different application while you order this item.

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