The Colormax micro-needling pen kit with a nano replacement needle is here to offer you a natural repairing process for your skin. Allowing you to fight against day to day skin issues that cause a huge hindrance in your life. Pulling you back, as they break your confidence.

● Safe & Reliable: The A1 micro-needling pen is designed and crafted using top of the line materials and technology. Offering you a safe and reliable method to fight against stretch marks, acne scars, wrinkles, and other scars on your skin. This compact pen calls for a swift movement process that cuts down on your skincare routine.
● Pain Free Procedure: Colormax is offering you a non-surgical procedure that is completely healthy and safe. As the pen comes with sealed disposable cartridges that are designed for one-time use. With a single result, you will be able to feel the safety and comfort the A1 has to offer.
● Lasting Results: An economical choice that offers you lasting results. Once used dispose of the needles, and enjoy the benefits you have yield for a long time. Cutting down naturally on your aging signs by boosting the collagen reproduction system.
● Visible Results: This micro-needling pen kit with nano replacement needles offer you visible results in a short period of time. Keep in mind that everyone has unique skin, and the repair period may vary from one skin to the other.
● Professional Grade: A top of the line A1 pen kit that offers you warranty and guarantees on its product. Offering you a security blanket you need when purchasing skincare products.

Dr.Pen Ultima A1 Professional Wireless Electric Skin Care Tools

If you’ve tried all the cosmetics and creams in the world yet are still looking for a more effective way. Dr. Pen Ultima A1 is your best assistant, which will leave you feeling and looking better. It’s safe to share the host with other persons. Also, it’s economical, you just need to replace the cartridges after every use. All cartridges are disposable with sealed packaging. Dr. Pen Ultima A1 is safe, hygienic, and convenient.

Dr.Pen Ultima A1 Instructions

How to Use

1. Sterilize cartridges, wash and pat skin dry. 2. Move in the desired area for 2-4 times. 3. Apply moisturizer or repairing serum after use. (Cartridges are best for disposable, sharing cartridges with others is banned).


1. On open wounds. 2. On acne or irritated skin. 3. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Experts recommend to use Dr. Pen Ultima M5 with topical numbing cream and Vitamin C serum together. It would be better consult experts before making a purchase, based on your skin problems.

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