The Colormax micro-needling pen for collagen induction is here to offer you through and natural healing process for your skin. Using a portable micro-needling pen you will be able to create micro-punctures on your skin that help boosts natural collagen growth. Repairing your skin from within.

● Safe & Reliable: A safe and reliable M8 micro-needling pen that comes with six different speed levels, so you can pick a setup that works best for you. With complete control, you are able to create a skin repairing treatment plan that keeping your skin in mind. A single button design that you can keep up with using its digital screen.
● Pain Free Procedure: A non-surgical process that allows you to adjust the needle from 0.25 to 2.5mm. This offers you suitable and desired results in no time. Making sure the micro-needling pen for collagen induction offers exceptional results without causing any long term pain or scarring to your skin.
● Lasting Results: Colormax M8 offers you a long-lasting result that allows you to show off smooth, glowing, and younger-looking skin. Its thorough process makes it easier for your skin to repair deep scars, bringing our thoroughly healed skin. Making sure you are able to enjoy its thorough skin-repairing system for a long time.
● Visible Results: This micro-needling pen for collagen induction comes with a 16 pin needle cartridge, offering you a more compatible system that works beautifully on your skin’s texture. Bringing forward visible results in a short period of time.
● Professional Grade: A professional-grade micro-needling pen that comes with a check warranty. Offering you coverage and security in case something is wrong with the device.

Abjustable needle

Needles can be adjusted to different lengths as needed. 0.25-2.5mm.

3 slots design ,more stable and reliable

6 Different Speed Level

Different speeds, adjusted for different situations.

Press buttons to adjust speed,1-6 levels

Digital display show speed more visual

16pin Needle Cartridge 

The configuration of 16pins are more compatible with skin texture.

We can also supply other types of needles upon request.

Wired And Wireless Model

It can work continuously for 4 hours in fully charged wireless mode.

Wireless model wired model can be choice.

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