Is the IPL hair removal effect good ?

IPL is called intense pulsed light, also known as colored light, composite light, and strong light. It is a wide-spectrum visible light with a special wavelength and has a softer photothermal effect. The “photon” technology was first developed by the medical doctor and the medical laser company. It was mainly used in the clinical treatment of skin telangiectasia and hemangioma.

IPL photon hair removal is easy to remove body hair and single-wavelength laser hair removal. Strong pulse photothermal hair removal is performed by using specific multi-wavelength light waves. After photothermal intense pulsed light, hair growth is delayed or stop completely in a short period of time. Thus it obtains permanent hair removal.

IPL hair removal effect:

  1. Destruction of the hair follicle by laser to achieve permanent hair removal, fast speed, good effect, high safety, no side effects, no pain, shrink pores, moisturize the skin and so on.
  2. At the same time as photon hair removal, it can restore the original elasticity of the skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles, and reduce pores,improves skin texture, skin tone and tightens skin. It has the effect of solving mild skin problems such as mild hair keratosis and uneven skin tone. A major advantage of IPL photon hair removal is that the spot size is large, up to 5 square centimeters, so the hair removal speed is very fast with very slight pain.
  3. After being irradiated by light and intense pulsed light, the hair growth is delayed or even stopped completely in a short period of time, thereby achieving the effect of permanent hair removal, and the effect is more remarkable after multiple treatments. A small amount of hair may regenerate, but it will become finer and softer.

In general, the effect of photon hair removal surgery is very satisfactory, but it is still necessary to choose a regular professional hospital for surgery.

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