IPL hair removal device may not be suitable for everyone, here are some risks you need to know

Excessively thick hair on the body may affect the beauty, and some beauty-pursue women will spend a lot of money on beauty salons or self-purchasing equipment for hair removal.There are many hair removal products. The new popular one is IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal instrument. There are many hair removal products. The popular one is IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal devices, which claim to use a variety of different wavelengths of light beam to project on the skin tissue to destroy the hair follicles, reduce hair regrowth, and then to achieve hair removal. However, not everyone is suitable to use IPL hair removal device, those who intends to go to the beauty salon for IPL hair removal or buys a home IPL hair removal device, do not miss the following tips.

Intense pulsed light removal principal

Intensive pulsed light sources emit a series of high-energy intense pulsed light, including visible light and near-infrared light,at different wavelengths (between 470nm and 1,200nm). When different wavelengths of light are simultaneously projected on the skin tissue, they can penetrate different layers of the skin tissue. When part of the light is absorbed and turned into heat energy, it can achieve the effect of beauty or hair removal. Taking hair removal as an example, when the released light energy is absorbed by melanin or other chromophores in the hair, the temperature of the hair follicles is rising to bring damage to the hair in growth , which can reduce hair regrowth and achieve hair removal effect. However, hair grows from the hair follicle, and each hair follicle has its own individual growth cycle, it goes through three stages of the cycle: growth phase, recession and rest period. One time of hair removal can only remove part of the hair. When the hair follicle enters another growth cycle, it will grow new hair, so it may not be able to permanently remove hair(only by one time).

At present, many electronic beauty products brands have launched home IPL hair removal instruments, ranging in price from thousands to over 10,000 Dollars . Although the home IPL hair removal device is usually accompanied by instructions to teach how to use the hair removal device, the general public has not received relevant training. Care should be taken. Read the product manual and applicable scope before use, and pay attention to whether there is contact on the machine, like Contact sensor, UV filter, power switch control, etc. to prevent misuse of safety facilities. Also pay attention to whether the machine is suitable for the face and whether you need to wear eye protection. If the IPL hair removal device is operated under inadvertent touch, it may damage the eyes and damage your eyesight. Ideally, whether you go to a beauty salon or purchase an IPL machine for hair removal, you should first consult a professional health care to find out if you are suitable for using the relevant hair removal method.

IPL hair removal device is not for everyone

Adverse reactions that may occur after using the IPL hair removal device include: erythema, odema, desquamation, hyperpigmentation, or depigmentation. At present, many medical literatures on the utility of IPL hair removal devices and even international consumer research and experimental organizations are based on Caucasians. In general, the risk of hair removal by Caucasians using IPL hair removal devices is relative lower to that of colored people.  Because of the darker skin color, the colored people have more melanin which absorbs better light energy. Excessive heat energy may be more likely to damage the skin tissue. With optical hair removal, the relative risk is relatively high, and the risk of people who are easy to tanen will also be Larger, you must pay more attention when using it. To know if the skin is dark or light, refer to the Fitzpatrick skin classification.

In addition, tattoos or dark marks such as birthmarks, freckles, scars(etc.), veins or blood vessels appearing on the skin, patients with diabetes or lupus erythematosus, and patients with defective immune systems are not suitable for use. Besides, pregnant women, those who have recently sunburned skin, people with suspected skin cancer, people with abnormal blood clots, people with epilepsy, or those who are taking the following drugs: oral contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, sulphon Sulphonamide group antidiabetic

Drugs, antibiotics (such as tetracycline), thiazide diuretics, antihistamines, anticoagulants, retinoids, or immunosuppressants also are not suitable to use IPL hair removal device. In fact, except for IPL hair removal device, the electric hair removal devices, razors, hair removal waxes and other relatively inexpensive products (although the hair removal effect is not ideal) are also possible to be considered.

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