Nebulizers for Kids How They Can Be Used To Help Treat Respiratory Issues

Can a Nebulizer Be Used For Treating a Cough?

A nebulizer is an equipment that is used for inhaling medication. It is prescribed for a wide range of respiratory issues. Nebulizers can also be used for treating a cough. They tend to be helpful for children as they have difficulty with using an inhaler. It is not possible to get a nebulizer without having a prescription. Speak with your doctor if you require a nebulizer to treat a persistent cough. This post will help you understand how you can use a nebulizer for treating a cough.

So How Do Nebulizers Relieve a Cough?

Nebulizers might be the best solution for cough relief. However, it is important that you first determine the main cause of the cause. The thing about coughing is that it is not a condition, but is a symptom. When you have a throat or lung infection, your body uses coughing to respond to it. A variety of long-term or short-term conditions could be the cause of your cough. These are mentioned below.

  • Asthma
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Allergies
  • Smoke exposure
  • Sinusitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Acid reflux
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Lung irritation
  • Croup and the common cold
  • Smoke exposure
  • Lung disease
  • Heart disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Bronchitis

The nebulizer quickly provides the lungs with required medication which is something that an inhaler might not be able to do so quickly. Nebulizers are designed to work with natural breathing which makes them ideal for people that have trouble using an inhaler, such as small children and babies. Make sure to consult with your local healthcare provider before you know about the proper dosage and medication.

Nebulizer for Cough Relief

You will need to use the nebulizer, along with the mask or spacer to effectively breathe in the vapor. Liquid medication such as ipratropium, budesonide, formoterol, hypertonic saline, and albuterol is required. A nebulizer can either be used for a short-term basis or long-term basis. It is also used as a preventative measure to reduce constriction and inflammation to breathe more easily. A nebulizer should be used to treat cough as well as other symptoms that cause a respiratory flare-up like difficulty in breathing and wheezing. Breathe in the vapor for about 10 to 20 minutes. Coughing requires the use of a nebulizer multiple times a day.

Nebulizers for Treating Children That Experience a Cough

If you want to use a nebulizer on your child, you will need to first get a prescription. Do not use your nebulizer on your child. The same goes for the medication. If your kid has chronic breathing issues caused by asthma, the healthcare provider will prescribe a device. A nebulizer makes it easier for children to breathe in medication. Moreover, it complements other respiratory treatments as well.


A nebulizer is an effective way to treat a cough. Make sure that you choose a reputable brand such as Colormax when buying a nebulizer.


What Is The Average Cost-For Home IPL Hair Removal

What Is The Average Cost For Home IPL Hair Removal?

If you want permanent hair removal, then, you need to opt for an IPL hair removal or laser hair removal treatment. Ditch waxing and shaving for a long-term solution. IPL hair removal might seem more expensive as compared to your usual shaving session. However, it offers long-lasting results. IPL hair removal treatment allows you to enjoy soft and silky skin. Moreover, it ensures minimum hair re-growth.

This post looks at the average cost for home IPL hair removal and laser hair removal treatment sessions. The major cost of home IPL hair removal is the cost of buying a home device. There are many amazing devices that are available in the market such as Colormax which is a brand that is committed to providing only the best products.

What Is Assumed?

Normally, the average-sized area is assumed for deciding the average cost of the treatment. This refers to either the bikini line or the full face. Keep in mind that larger areas like full legs, chest, and full back cost more than smaller areas such as the upper chin or lip. Furthermore, average costs vary depending on the physician. However, one should never base their decision on price alone. It is important to ensure that you feel comfortable with the physician and that the physician is certified.

Average Cost of IPL Hair Removal & Laser Hair Removal

Make sure that the IPL hair removal and laser hair removal treatment is only performed by a professional physician. Although spas and salons also offer similar treatment for a lower price, your safety should always be a top priority which only a certified professional physician can ensure.

Interview A Few Physicians Before Opting For One

Generally, it is a good idea to interview a few physicians before you choose one. Ask the physician about their experience, safety protocols, and expertise. It will help ensure that you find the right physician. You should always look around before making a final decision. The below table will give you an idea of how much it would cost you for each session or 7 sessions. There are many physicians who provide special packages.

Body Area Average Cost Per Session ($) Average Cost For 7 Sessions ($)
Underarm 150 to 250 1,000 to 1,800
Half Legs/ Half Arms 150 to 450 1,000 to 3,200
Bikini Line 150 to 450 1,000 to 3,200
Full Legs/ Full Arms 600 to 1,200 4,150 to 7,650
Full Face 250 to 650 1,700 to 4,600
Full Back 250 to 850 2,050 to 5,650
Chest 150 to 450 1,000 to 3,200
Chin/ Upper Li 100 to 300 650 to 2,150
Chest 150 to 450 1,000 to 3,200


The abovementioned average costs are based on hair removal sessions performed by certified and reputable physicians who provide treatments in a professional medical setting.


IPL hair removal and laser hair removal treatment will cost you around $260 for a session. Prices depend on the body area and the physician. The price range should help give you an idea of how much you will need to spend.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Massage Gun In 2020

Are you planning on buying a massage gun? Do you want to make sure that you buy the best massage gun out there? Then, this ultimate guide to buying the best massage gun in 2020 is just for you. It looks at everything you need to know when buying a massage gun today. Learn more about massage guns.

Benefits of Massage Gun

The following are some of the main benefits of a massage gun.

  • It offers instant muscle relief.
  • It is completely private.
  • Massage guns pinpoint muscle groups for the ultimate pain relief.
  • It helps save time and money.
  • Provide greater speed and pressure as compared to traditional massage.

What To Look For In The Best Massage Gun?

The difference between a high-quality massage gun such as one from Colormax and a regular massage gun is the fact that it effectively targets specific muscles and uses massage techniques like deep tissue massage and sports massage to offer the ultimate muscle relief. Once the massage gun presses into the muscles, lactic acid is reduced as the flow of lymphatic acid is increased. As more pressure gets applied, muscle tension will be released. It also helps deal with muscle tension strains and intricate knots.

Some of the available massage guns tend to feature multiple attachments and speeds. The cone attachment can be connected to pinpointing areas under the smaller muscle groups like feet and wrists. Once you have attached the cone attachment, you only have to press the button, set the desired speed and enjoy. Place it where you feel pain and tension.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Massage Gun in 2020?

The following are some of the features that should be considered when on the lookout for the best massage gun in 2020.

The Speed

One of the first things that you should consider is the speed of the massage gun. The term “percussions per minute” is used for determining just how fast the massage gun can pulsate. Do not buy one that offers low-speed performance. Choose a massage gun that allows you to change the speed.

The Rotation Type

The latest massage guns rotate at an ideal 90-degree angle. Avoid buying one that has a lower rotation angle. Varying angles allow you to work on different areas and portions of the body using the right pressure.

The Pressure 

Another thing that you be considered when buying a massage gun is the pressure it provides. 80lbs of toque is considered the standard. Test different massage guns to find out which one works best for you. Choose a product that comes with an easy return policy to try it out and other products before determining which one to buy.

Battery Life

Battery life is another factor that has to be taken into account. The massage gun should last for hours. Since most of the latest massage guns have Li-on batteries, you can rest assured that you will benefit from longer battery life.


The above factors should be considered to ensure that you buy the best massage gun. The best massage gun depends on the requirements of the user.

What is the difference between a household hair removal device and the one in a beauty salon ?

Core technologies are different

The hair removal equipment used in beauty salons mostly uses lasers, while the technology used in household hair removal instruments is mostly pulsed light. Although the principle of hair removal is the same, the safety, effect and use are very different.

Device Power is different

The laser energy intensity in beauty salon is large, and the hair removal effect is good, but the irritation is large, and the pain is strong, when the hair is removed. It is easy to burn the skin and form erythema or blisters when the operation is improper; The pulse light energy of the household hair removal device is low, especially the new IPL technology, which truly achieves painless hair removal and is safer and more efficient than the ordinary laser hair removal device.

Hair removal frequency is different

Hair removal requires a certain course of treatment, the laser energy is large, and the damage to the skin is also large. If you go to the beauty salon to do laser hair removal, you are generally advised to do it once every few months. It takes about half a year to complete the hair removal treatment, and the frequency is low and long; The household hair removal device has low energy and little effect on the skin. It is relatively convenient to operate at home. It is usually once a week. It can get obvious curative effect in about 2 months, and the frequency is high and the cycle is short.

The device size is different

  1. The beauty salon hair removal device is quite large.
  2. Household hair removal device is quite smalland portable

The price is different

  1. Beauty salon hair removal equipment is much more expensive.
  2. Household hair removal devices are limited in number and prices are cheaper.

IPL hair removal device may not be suitable for everyone, here are some risks you need to know

Excessively thick hair on the body may affect the beauty, and some beauty-pursue women will spend a lot of money on beauty salons or self-purchasing equipment for hair removal.There are many hair removal products. The new popular one is IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal instrument. There are many hair removal products. The popular one is IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal devices, which claim to use a variety of different wavelengths of light beam to project on the skin tissue to destroy the hair follicles, reduce hair regrowth, and then to achieve hair removal. However, not everyone is suitable to use IPL hair removal device, those who intends to go to the beauty salon for IPL hair removal or buys a home IPL hair removal device, do not miss the following tips.

Intense pulsed light removal principal

Intensive pulsed light sources emit a series of high-energy intense pulsed light, including visible light and near-infrared light,at different wavelengths (between 470nm and 1,200nm). When different wavelengths of light are simultaneously projected on the skin tissue, they can penetrate different layers of the skin tissue. When part of the light is absorbed and turned into heat energy, it can achieve the effect of beauty or hair removal. Taking hair removal as an example, when the released light energy is absorbed by melanin or other chromophores in the hair, the temperature of the hair follicles is rising to bring damage to the hair in growth , which can reduce hair regrowth and achieve hair removal effect. However, hair grows from the hair follicle, and each hair follicle has its own individual growth cycle, it goes through three stages of the cycle: growth phase, recession and rest period. One time of hair removal can only remove part of the hair. When the hair follicle enters another growth cycle, it will grow new hair, so it may not be able to permanently remove hair(only by one time).

At present, many electronic beauty products brands have launched home IPL hair removal instruments, ranging in price from thousands to over 10,000 Dollars . Although the home IPL hair removal device is usually accompanied by instructions to teach how to use the hair removal device, the general public has not received relevant training. Care should be taken. Read the product manual and applicable scope before use, and pay attention to whether there is contact on the machine, like Contact sensor, UV filter, power switch control, etc. to prevent misuse of safety facilities. Also pay attention to whether the machine is suitable for the face and whether you need to wear eye protection. If the IPL hair removal device is operated under inadvertent touch, it may damage the eyes and damage your eyesight. Ideally, whether you go to a beauty salon or purchase an IPL machine for hair removal, you should first consult a professional health care to find out if you are suitable for using the relevant hair removal method.

IPL hair removal device is not for everyone

Adverse reactions that may occur after using the IPL hair removal device include: erythema, odema, desquamation, hyperpigmentation, or depigmentation. At present, many medical literatures on the utility of IPL hair removal devices and even international consumer research and experimental organizations are based on Caucasians. In general, the risk of hair removal by Caucasians using IPL hair removal devices is relative lower to that of colored people.  Because of the darker skin color, the colored people have more melanin which absorbs better light energy. Excessive heat energy may be more likely to damage the skin tissue. With optical hair removal, the relative risk is relatively high, and the risk of people who are easy to tanen will also be Larger, you must pay more attention when using it. To know if the skin is dark or light, refer to the Fitzpatrick skin classification.

In addition, tattoos or dark marks such as birthmarks, freckles, scars(etc.), veins or blood vessels appearing on the skin, patients with diabetes or lupus erythematosus, and patients with defective immune systems are not suitable for use. Besides, pregnant women, those who have recently sunburned skin, people with suspected skin cancer, people with abnormal blood clots, people with epilepsy, or those who are taking the following drugs: oral contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, sulphon Sulphonamide group antidiabetic

Drugs, antibiotics (such as tetracycline), thiazide diuretics, antihistamines, anticoagulants, retinoids, or immunosuppressants also are not suitable to use IPL hair removal device. In fact, except for IPL hair removal device, the electric hair removal devices, razors, hair removal waxes and other relatively inexpensive products (although the hair removal effect is not ideal) are also possible to be considered.

Precautions for Use of Super-fine IPL laser hair removal instrument

Daily chemical products may react under laser irradiation to cause allergies. Therefore, before the hair removal, you must wash to completely clean, and use the suitable warm water with the cleansing milk (shower gel) to clean the daily chemical products that need to be removed. The last cleaning step, it is recommended to wash the corresponding parts with warm water for 2-5 minutes, thoroughly wash away the residue.

Some people’s skin is sensitive to the stimulation. When applying hair removal cream and shaving off the hair with a razor, it will cause skin red. It is recommended to wait for 30 minutes after shaving, and then wait for the skin to dissipate the red, then use the epilator to illuminate the hair follicles.

After each hair removal within 3hours, the hair removal area should not be touched with water; within 3 days, the hair removal area should not be exposed to the sun. Because hair removal is continuous, in fact, sun protection should be done throughout the hair removal cycle.

Someone may feel mild itching of the skin in the hair removal process, which is normal. It’s usually caused by a razor or laser irritating skin. Therefore, after each hair removal, apply aloe vera gel on the skin to protect the skin.

The point is that, in the last note we said that the hair removal effect is closely related to time and personal physique. The IPL laser hair removal device has 5 grades that can be adjusted. This is designed for different people’s needs. You can choose the appropriate grade according to your personal physique.

For the first time, it is recommended to use grade 1-2, 2-3 times a week,  flash the lamp in each area once , if the hair grows slowly within 10 days, stick to 2-3 months to achieve complete hair removal.

If hair growth is not inhibited after 10 days, it is recommended to upgrade to grade 3-4 , hair removal 1 time every other day, 2 times lamp flash for each hair removal; if hair growth is inhibited within 10 days, last for 2-3 months to get hair removal completely.

If hair growth is not inhibited after 20 days, it is recommended to upgrade to grade 5 , hair removal 1 time every other day, 3 times lamp flash for each hair removal; Insist on 2-3 months to get hair removal completely.

The use of razors requires some skill. It is recommended to learn more. If you accidentally scratch the skin, it is recommended to stop bleeding immediately. After the irradiation, disinfect the injured skin with medical alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

❤❤❤❤Normal use of razors and general scratches will not cause infection. However, for safety reasons, please use a cotton swab to pick up medical alcohol before and after using the razor, and wipe the cutter head for disinfection.

Hair in different growth cycles, reacts differently in laser hair removal . hair removal needs to last for 3-5 months to achieve complete hair removal, hair growth may occur in the process of hair removal, etc., this is normal, must adhere to the guidelines use, to avoid the waste of previous work, and finally the hair growth will be suppressed.

The sharing ends here, if you have any questions, welcome to interact with us !

Super-fine IPL laser hair removal instrument tutorial

In the showing long legs’ season, how do you become the most sexy girl in this street to accost handsome young boys easily?
Today, we’ll share the official, authentic and practical spring and summer beauty methods for the hot girls – super fine hair removal method

Product: IPL laser hair removal instrument

Full body available (including face, private parts)
Permanent hair removal
Normal use will not cause harm to the human body.
There are 2 modes and 5 grades, which can be freely selected.

❤Tips: The hair removal kit comes with: shaving gel, goggles, razor, aloe vera gel.


To get rid of the fur, there are 7 steps in total:

Step 1: Clean the hair-removal area
Step 2:Apply shaving gel
Step 3: Shave the hair and gel with a razor
Step 4: Wipe the shaved area clean
Step 5: Put on the goggles
Step 6: Use the hair removal device to illuminate the area where hair removal is required. Flash once in each area.
Step 7: After the irradiation, apply aloe vera gel skin care.


  1. Be sure to shave with a razor, not a hair removal cream.
  2. Some girls’ skin is allergic. After removing the hair, the skin is red. After shaving for about 30 minutes, the skin is completely recovered and then irradiated with a hair removal device.

Hair removal time cycle

For personal reasons and other else, hair removal takes 5-8 times to completely remove the hair.
After each hair removal, wait for around 2-3 days, the hair that has not been removed is completely grown, and the hair removal is repeated once.
When repeating hair removal, strictly follow the 7-step procedure.
Generally, hair removal takes about 2 months, and it takes about 3-5 months for stubborn hair. The product is good for repeated use.
Generally, after 3-4 weeks, hair growth will be controlled. The hair removal frequency can be gradually reduced to 1 week. Then stick to it until all the hair is completely removed and permanently removed.


  1. Different people have different physiques and hair growth conditions. So choose your most suitable modeand grade of the hair removal device
  2. Use grade 2-3 at the beginning, and if the hair growth is not stopped after 2 weeks of use, upgrade to 4-5.
  3. The hair was removed once every 2 days, and if the hair growth was not inhibited for 2 weeks, it was upgraded once every other day.

Mode choice

Generally small areas of soft fluff, you can choose manual mode, step by step operation;
Large area of rough hair area, it is recommended to choose automatic mode


Plug the plug into the socket and press and hold the power button (round key) to turn it on.
Press the left button to adjust the grade.
Press the right button to select manual mode (s is manual mode, sssss is automatic mode) | or automatic mode.
Put on sunglasses and point the hair removal device to the skin without leaving a gap.
In manual mode, the lamp cap is 90 degrees to the skin, leaving no gaps. Press the power button and the hair removal device will flash white light.
In the automatic mode, the lamp head is 90 degrees aligned with the skin without leaving a gap and will automatically flash.
Complete an area illumination and move the lamp head to the next area.
All completed, then shutdown.

Secret RF – The Advantages of Fractional vs. Traditional Microneedling

Photodamaged and aging skin is characterized by the thinning of the epidermis and dermis and is associated with a decrease in collagen levels resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, tone and texture changes, and lax skin. Treatment of photoaged skin is based on inflicting damage to the dermis, resulting in neocollagenesis. Damage to the dermis results in the upregulation of the activity of various enzymes, such as metalloproteinases and collagenase that are responsible for the removal of old tissue and deposition of new dermal tissue. Traditionally, laser-based technologies are used to resurface the skin. However, these treatments vary in their efficacy, adverse effects and downtime after treatment.

Recently, fractional radiofrequency (RF) microneedling has emerged as a treatment option. Rather than impacting the entire surface, microneedling causes thermal damage to the dermis in microscopic zones. The intact surrounding tissue accelerates the wound healing process, reducing recovery time and resulting in minimal adverse effects.

Is a home laser hair removal useful? What brand of laser hair removal device is good?

Many girls want to show off their good skin, but they also fear that the body hair will cause trouble for themselves. Much more body hair is a very embarrassing thing for many girls, especially in the summer, it will make them very distressing. Some girls have a lot of body hair because of genetic nature, and they will pack themselves tightly every summer. How to quickly remove body hair is a matter of great concern to many beauty-pursuing girls. Home laser hair removal device has become an important shaving tool for them. Is it satisfactory to use laser hair removal device at home? What brand is good?

  1. Hair removal treatment in winter is much better: hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period, rest period, and regression period.In terms of the growth cycle of the hair itself, the hair growth cycle of different body area is different. Generally,  It will take about 3-6 times treatment to get satisfactory hair removal effect. Start treatment in winter and wait until the summer to get the best results.
  2. Hair removal in winter has better private: Hair removal treatment is 4-6 weeks apart, In order to ensure the best therapeutic effect, it is not possible to scrape or pull out new hair during the treatment period to avoid stimulating hair follicle activity. Choosing winter to do hair removal  is due to more clothes wearing, and the treatment area is covered by clothes. There is no need to worry about the process of hair growth being discovered.
  3. Better hair removal effect in Winter:The efficacy of hair removal is related to the thickness, thickness, location, coloration and energy of the hair. In winter, the skin is whiter than summer. In the case of ensuring the safest skin, the laser hair removal treatment energy is relatively higher than that in summer, so it will achieve better results.
  4. Better recovery of hair removal in winter: Although the effect of laser hair removal on the skin is small, it is easy to cause some skin problems in summer, and the probability of causing folliculitis is higher in hyperthermia sweat; however, the skin has no such risk of probability in winter.
  5. Hair removal in winter has more convenient care treatment: After laser hair removal, the skin is relatively fragile, especially pay attention to do sunscreen protection. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and everyone is wear much more, thus it’s a certain protective effect on the skin ; UV is strong in summer, and sun protection is a very laborious task.

Colormax’s home laser hair removal device applies the world’s top pulsed light hair removal technology. It is specially developed design for Asian, Amercian and Euorpean skin. Hair removal and rejuvenation completes in one step, it is the only permanent hair removal in the world that has been proven to be the safest and most effective. IPL technology is based on the theory of selective photothermal action. The hair follicles and hair shaft are rich in melanin, and the 800 nm wavelength laser can penetrate the epidermis, entering the dermis, the melanin in the hair and hair follicles will choose to absorb most of the light, while the surrounding tissue will not be heated. The melanin on the hair shaft is responsible for absorbing light waves and generating heat at the same time. Finally, the effect of stopping hair growth can achieve large-scale hair removal. Comfortable and painless during treatment, high efficiency, fast hair removal, and protect the skin from damage.

Many girls in life will choose the brand of home laser hair removal device, Colormax is very trustworthy among those brands. The home laser hair removal device is very easy to use, and the hair removal effect is also excellent. It will shave according to the growth of the hair, and it’s also convenient to care the skin after depilation. The hair removal effect of Colormax’s home laser hair removal device is very satisfactory, and it is also the safest and most effective permanent hair removal, no major damage to skin. Sincerely suggest you buy a home laser hair removal device from the Colormax brand.

How long does IPL hair removal last ?

IPL hair removal can penetrate the epidermis, and be absorbed by the hair follicle in the dermis. It can also generate heat energy and destroy the hair follicle, and thus it can obtain permanent hair removal effect. At the same time, it can make the chemical changes of the molecular structure inside the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the dermis layer, and promote collagen regeneration and rearrangement of the skin. The IPL hair removal technology could provide you with ideal treatment for the color, depth and different body parts of your hair without damaging the normal skin tissue around the hair. It can fundamentally protect the epidermis and reduce thermal damage to the epidermis.  IPL photon hair removal has a multi-pulse output mode, so that the epidermis has enough time to dissipate heat. So how long does IPL hair removal last? Let’s take a look.

1, IPL hair removal can be permanently maintained if reasonable care is performed after surgery.
2, IPL hair removal can be maintained for 1 to 2 years if there is no relative care after surgery.
3, IPL hair removal can last for 5 to 6 years if the physical quality is good.
4, IPL hair removal can generally be maintained for 1 to 10 years.

Postoperative notes:

  1. Avoid sun exposure within half a year after hair removal, and apply the sunscreen lotion indicated by your doctor to the affected area to reduce sun exposure.
  2. After IPL hair removal, you can’t eat spicy food on your diet.
  3. Pay attention to hygiene: too dark or dirty underwear is not suggested.Because the skin is easily irritated after hair removal , and the pores are also susceptible to pigmentation. Therefore, it is best not to wear dark-colored clothes and the skin is prone to inflammation. It is recommended to wear clean colored cotton underwear after IPL hair removal.
  4. Take more beneficial foods, eat more fruits containing vitamin C, or eat vitamin C tablets directlyafter IPL hair removal. Vitamin C can increase skin resistance and reduce pigmentation.
  5. Pay attention to the use of skin care products after depilation , It’s better not to use clean products or less irritating skin care products to the skin soon after treatment.
  6. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the hair removal area, because the water environment of the swimming pool is not very healthy, so it is better not to swim in the recent period.